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100% Safe & Reliable - Who Unfollowed You On Instagram?

"Who Unfollowed Me" - It is time you know who are you're Instagram Unfollowers who don't follow you back - and without risking your account 

Using Mobile Phones

Simple. Safe. Trustworthy.

The common knowledge - is hidden from all of us. Instagram doesn't directly show you who are the users who don't follow you back, and since ever it was not so easy to figure it out manually.

In order to do so, you had to risk your account, connecting it to 3rd party apps which can harm your Instagram profile.

So we have news for you - the data is there! You just need to know what to do with it.

Find out who's not following you back with 3 simple steps!

1) Download your information - Go to Instagram App -> Your Activity -> Download your information. It says up to 14 days, but actually it takes a few hours and the file is in your email.

2) Extract the Following & Followers files - Now you have tons of data of your account (Great backup BTW!) - but we only need the 'following.html' and 'followers.html' files.

3) Upload & Analyze - Just upload the files and see who's not following you back!


  • Make sure you know your Instagram password, as it is required when you request to "Download Your Information".

  • In order to extract the files and upload them - it must be done using a computer.


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