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Who Unfollowed MeWho Unfollowed Me

No Daily Unfollow Limits No Daily Unfollow Limits

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Easily find and unfollow users who unfollowed me on Twitter as well as people that you follow who do not currently follow back. Unlike other Twitter tools, there are no daily unfollow limits so you can unfollow as many users as you'd like without having to pay for an upgraded account. Write tweets longer than 140 characters and post to your Twitter account directly from our site (service provided by Tweet Longer).

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Pick and choose which of your new Twitter followers to follow back and follow them back easily individually with the click of a button. Why bother following someone who hasn't tweeted in months? Easily find and unfollow users you are currently following who are inactive. Curious if someone's follower count is legitimate? Check the percentage of fake, inactive, and real followers of any Twitter account.